The Better You Project
  • Brandon Head
11 episodes
This project was crafted by Brandon Head ( after 12 years in the fitness industry and seeing some recurring things among his clients. Join along as he discusses all aspects of life and ways to make it better for you. Along this journey he will also have guests in various industries whose life missions are to help people. Follow along on social or participate in the project using the hashtag "#thebetteryouproject".


#dadlife and the future
2019 Dec 2337m 7s
In episode 12, I discuss what’s it’s like having two boys and the reality that is parenting that I feel no one wants to talk about. I also dive into what the future of this podcast looks like with some thoughts and feelings about the change.
Moving forward
2019 Oct 198m 30s
If you're not trying to consistently move forward in at least on part of your life then where are you actually headed? Some thoughts on this in today's podcast!
Current struggles and the management of them
2019 Aug 1211m 32s
Baby number 2 made it into our lives about 6 weeks ago! What a whirlwind it's been. I'm finally getting a handle on things, and some of my more active interests, like this podcast, have been put on the back burner. This episode outlines the struggles of adding a new child to mix and how I'm personally dealing with it. It was an off the cuff recording that happened in my truck, so I'll have to apologize for the audio in advance. I didn't want to re-record bc I felt the same message wouldn't have been delivered in the way it was. If you have any questions, would love to hear a specific topic,  just simply connect please reach out to me at I'd love to hear from you! If you liked this episode, please drop us a review on whatever your favorite platform is!
Sleep: The importance and how to get more
2019 Jun 1118m 20s
Another piece of the health web that is OFTEN over looked is sleep. In this episode I dive into why we need to make sleep a priority and some steps you can take TODAY to start get longer, restful sleep.
Baseline nutrition and a starting point
2019 May 2835m 38s
We introduced a challenge at the gym (Grapevine CrossFit) that had the nutrition plan that we generally start all new nutrition clients with as part of the requirement. This foundation is so "simple" that it doesn't get the attention it really deserves. This is proven by the results of both the people that have stuck with it in the past and the ones that are holding strong on our challenge. We are 51 days in as of this post and the results speak for themselves. If you need some help or a starting point in getting your diet together, take a listen. I'll be posting some resources to aid in this baseline start over at if you need them.
Learning to let go
2019 May 2317m 58s
Too often in our lives we hold onto stuff that we simply need to let go of. Grudges, pain, conflicts, arguments, resentments, are all examples of what I'm talking about. In this episode I discuss the process of letting go in relation to my own life and the positive impact it can have on your life.
The Pivot: that defining moment in your life
2019 May 1419m 8s
We all have a story. We all have a moment where that story starts. We all have a moment where we decide what we choose to do in that story. In this episode I talk about my story, my defined pivot point, and everything that led up to that moment. I also discuss how to utilize that moment and what it has meant to me.
Your catalyst for change
2019 May 0714m 7s
In this episode I discuss how fitness can be a huge catalyst for change in your life and some of the ways this has been proven over the years. Though the steps are different for everyone, starting to get fit is what leads into changes in other areas of your life if you allow it. Let's dive in on some truths about this thought!
Sometimes you gotta plan
2019 Apr 2411m 11s
Not having a plan to when you're trying to accomplish something will often times end up in failure. In this episode, I discuss the need for planning in relation to something that popped up in discussion. Hope you enjoy!
Bend or break, it's up to you.
2019 Apr 166m 33s
A quick thought from a meeting we had at my gym about our #gvcfallornothingchallenge about how things in life are always going to come up and how you're going to deal with them. Check out the podcast about this challenge from Grapevine CrossFit HERE.