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JUST SAY HOLA is rapidly expanding to be one of the largest online movements delivering a tremendous global impact on the planet.  We are creating human connections to nature within to build a better environment. Keep this communication going, it's simple..Just Say Hola. A simple HOLA can make a substantial impact on the way we live our lives. #Humanity, #Oceans, #Land, #Air. A podcast that will Stand by Planet Earth, Stand by all life on Earth, It’s All or Nothing. We have so little time. Make changes and Just Say Hola. Let's reach 100% sustainable and sustain 100% forever. #Sustain100Now Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/just-say-hola/support


Just Say Hola! (Trailer)
2019 Dec 1258s
Truth About Our Air Quality
2019 Nov 0616m 20s
Host Antonio Saillant talks about the Truth About Our Air Quality in the United States of America.
Plastic Pollution: It's Time To Break Free
2019 May 1831m 16s
Host Antonio Saillant talks about Plastic Pollution involving Humanity vs Corporations. It's time that we Globally demand a massive reductions in single-use plastics and to finally push for lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.
Just Say Hola, Sustainability Starts Here
2019 May 134m 7s
Hosted by Antonio Saillant.
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