12 Days of Podcastmas
  • Guillermo Delgado
13 episodes
The 12 Days of Podcastmas is a yearly game-show/comedy podcast where every episode is themed after one of the 12 days of Christmas. We do trivia, improv, win points, and have fun. Episodes will be released everyday until Christmas starting December 14th. The podcast is hosted by Guillermo Delgado, and features Austin Garza, Jeremy Garcia, and Jose Martinez. Find everyone on twitter! @the_great_guille @austinagarza @childishjosbino @theFAKEjeremyG


12 Drummers Drumming: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 2547m 26s
Merry Christmas everyone! Our last episode of the season. I hope you've enjoyed the show. Today you get to hear Austin host, we have a special guest, and lots of great segments. Thanks for listening and have a safe and responsible holiday!
11 Pipers Piping
2020 Dec 2451m 16s
This episode is the one I had the most fun recording. it's my swan song, it's my compilation episode, it's a merry ol' good time. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Have a great Christmas eve, everyone!
10 Lords A-Leaping
2020 Dec 2346m 55s
This is a fast paced, 10 segment episode. If you like rapid fire comedy, this one is for you! There is drama, deceit, Scottish landowners and more! Tune in to find out what happened to me when I was 10, if 2020 is a leap year, and how to say the number 10 in Hebrew.
9 Ladies Dancing: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 2253m 14s
Nine is rhyme! An interesting note about this episode, I recorded the intro separately, and just told the guys to say something generic at the intro. Which was oddly meta. Yeah, we get a little weird here, but if you can make it past my babbling, you can hear great segments such as: Rhyming, Title IX(movies titles), and ladies night.
8 Maids A-Milking: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 2159m 41s
This episode, we get all the bad out. I let the guys put all their bad feelings out in the open to get ready for the final stretch. Segments include, iron mayhem, hateful eight, and... uh kids bop. Austin talks about single use plastics, Jeremy's audio declines again, and Jose goes on a lot of rants that I cut out.
7 Swans A-Swimming: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 201h 4m 38s
On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, more hilarious content. Including, Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Swan Song, Mila Kunis vs Natalie Portman, and... well... rhyming again. This one is a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoy!
6 Geese a-Laying: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 1953m 36s
In episode 6 we definitely hit a peak! The guys play duck, duck, goose, we discuss what celebrities had the best glow ups, and we play a segment called my goose is cooked. Audio quality is back and the gang is funnier than ever.
5 Golden Rings: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 1848m 23s
You should have put a ring on it! Join us as we push through day 5! The guys guess prices on some expensive Christmas gifts, we have our first Lord of the Rings trivia segment, and Jeremy's audio hits an all time low. Also, someone buys me onion rings?
4 Calling Birds: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 171h 5m 8s
Episode four was no bore. Seriously if you are still listening, this was one of my favorite episodes. It's hilarious and it was fun to record. Segments included ranking Christmas movies, telephone, bird calls and more!
3 French Hens: The 12 Days of Podcastmas
2020 Dec 1651m 7s
Episode three was fun for me! Hear everyone speak French, identify quotes from Three is Company, and find out what came first between the chicken and the egg.