Collin Demands Answers
  • Collin Weires
32 episodes
Come along for the ride... Collin is unapologetically curious and demands answers. In this show, follow Collin through his journey of growth every episode with interesting different types of guests and questions.


#36 Answers from Chancio
2021 Jan 1547m 31s
Chance Gilliard better known as Chancio is an American Musician and TikToker from Chicago,Illinois. Link below to his new song “So F*cked Up” Pink Beats for Intro
#35 Answers from Bill Van Veghel
2021 Jan 131h 22m 34s
Collin talks to Land of the Creeps co-host Bill Van Vegal about horror movies, anthropology, and college football.
#34 Answers from Maynard Okereke
2021 Jan 081h 17m 29s
Maynard Okereke better known as the Hip Hop M.D. graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is currently a Science Communicator and the host of the "Hip Hop Science Show" He is sometimes referred to as Bill Nye meeting Worldstar. All his information can be found at his website - or on his social media - Instagram- @hiphopscienceshow
#33 Answers from Mike Sanchez
2021 Jan 051h 18m 33s
Mike Sanchez is a professional boxer with the record of (6-1-1) 2 KO. He gives daily perspective and motivation through his social media. He can be found on Instagram @mr.mikesanchezCredits:// Pink beats for intro
#32 Answers from Brennan Snyder
2021 Jan 012h 13m 39s
Brennan Snyder is the creator, producer and host of the movie podcast “Films with the Women in My Life.” New shows are released every week and can be found on Apple podcasts, Spotify, CastBox and most other podcast platforms.Website: filmswiththewomen.libsyn.comInstagram: Pink Beats for intro
#31 Answers from Quinci
2020 Dec 2856m 28s
Quinci is a rapper out of the Portland Metro area. His music is on all streaming platforms and he can be contacted at braddahquinci@gmail.comHis new (EP) ET CETERA will be available on December 30, 2020Credits:// Pink Beats for intro
#30 Answers from Bigg Bo
2020 Dec 2459m 11s
Bigg Bo is a college baseball player for CSN. He is also a content and music creator with his new song "Unknown Demons" out on all streaming platforms along with his 2020 album "Atlanta 2 Vegas." He can be found on Instagram @johnhowardboboCredits:// Pink beats for intro
#29 Answers from Austin Kaiser
2020 Dec 2256m 37s
Austin Kaiser is a writer with two books out for sale. Putting Wings on Ideas and Feel Free to Feel Free. He also runs an Instagram page @adviceforartists where he post one liners and discusses the creative process. Credits:// Pink beats for intro
#28 Answers from Michael Coggeshall Esq.
2020 Dec 181h 18m 41s
Michael Coggeshall is a plaintiff’s lawyer with medical malpractice and general negligence cases (think car accidents and slip and falls). Credit:/ pink beats for intro
#27 Answers from Off Kadence
2020 Dec 162h 18m 56s
Offkadence is a twitch streamer and content creator. His debut song Lies can be found of all streaming platforms. He can be found @offkadence.ttv on Instagram and offkadence on twitchCredits:// Pink beats for Intro