Checking In with Michelle Williams
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On CHECKING IN, Michelle Williams and her friends let it all out as they reveal their intimate experiences with depression, anxiety and their mental health journeys. Hosted by Michelle, these celebrity interviews will also offer skills on how to manage mental health hardships and even offer coping strategies for emotional well-being.


Checking In w/ Brittany Phillips
2021 Jan 2646m 9s
Michelle and Brittany take the familial feel of Checking In to the next level! Brittany is a licensed counselor, a certified trauma practitioner, and she’s also Michelle’s first cousin who helped her get back on her feet. Together they explore the stigmas surrounding therapy in the black community and get real about mental health while still bringing laughter and love. CHECK IN to this episode for a complimentary mediation session!
Checking In w/ Bakari Sellers
2021 Jan 1949m 58s
Michelle and Bakari Sellers try to bring a little peace to politics with this conversation. They discuss the relationship between mental health and politics, white supremacy in America and Donald Trump’s impeachment. This episode will remind you to CHECK IN on what you’re doing to contribute to change and hopefully, put you at ease as we prepare to usher in a new administration.
Checking In w/ June Ambrose
2021 Jan 1251m 40s
Michelle and June Ambrose discuss choosing happiness, the brighter side of being stuck at home during the pandemic, “styleology”, and recognizing style as an art. Fashion is so much deeper than what you have on! CHECK IN to this episode for some great tips on not just how to look good, but how to feel good, too.
Checking In w/ Dr. Dharius Daniels
2021 Jan 0550m 19s
Michelle and Dr. Dharius Daniels do a complete breakdown of the nature of relationships and the importance of reciprocity. Dr. Daniels also debunks the myth that the pandemic ruins relationships. If you’re looking for balance in a friendship, a business partnership or a romantic relationship, you’ll definitely want to CHECK IN to this episode!
Checking In w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts
2020 Dec 2935m 32s
Michelle and Sarah Jakes Roberts dig deep into being a woman in today’s society and mastering how to “have it all.” They also discuss the church’s role in mental health. The conversation moves Michelle to open up about the importance of having supportive friends like Sarah, reminding us to CHECK IN with our “strong friends” and making sure we all get the help we need.
Checking In w/ Dr. Oz
2020 Dec 2235m 34s
In Michelle’s inaugural episode of Checking In with Michelle Williams, Michelle opens up about her personal experience during the pandemic and shares encouraging words for you to get through your own experience. Dr. Oz joins in to discuss holistic healing, the effects of the pandemic on mental health and racial disparity in health care. Michelle and Dr. Oz remind us to CHECK IN with ourselves, our loved ones and our doctors.
Introducing: Checking in with Michelle Williams
2020 Dec 151m 46s
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