• Nick
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Blue collar, redneck pick fun at eveything while having a beer.


work place talk. the real work place shit
2021 Jan 1936m 10s
this episode is about the awesome workplace banter, You ever wonder why there is video but no sounds when you see a funny video well thats because its so crude. 10 plys dont listen, you are already waste cases
#1 stalking fan made his way
2021 Jan 1327m 21s
Holy shit good friends welcome the #1 stalker to the show finally. Musta been alot of beers and roofies. hope you enjoy our little conversation with some fucked up points of views
Crazy horse shit
2020 Dec 1746m 9s
Crazy horse people and there horse shit for my little ponies
Covid christmas
2020 Dec 1339m 37s
Take the finer points of this covid christmas. Just enjoy and drink
Participation ribbons, water wings and offended feelings
2020 Dec 0637m 12s
Are you offended with your water wings on.. .. participation ribbon for you baby
Talking about my generation
2020 Nov 2642m
Geeneral ideas on genz
Covid round 2. Fawk boys and girls
2020 Nov 231h 1m 10s
Your local fawk boys and girls of today. With a sick covid twist 😃.
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