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My Podcast will shed light on politics love life, success, failure, struggle, humor, charity, death, God, fitness, education, music, and anything that brings fullness and understanding to life. This a solution based podcast to life's mysteries, difficulties, and also to find your own personal happiness. And remember to always remember to keep it 100.


Soldier On: Nobody said life would be easy
2020 May 1620m 2s
In life people are not gonna support you when you want them to. You have to have escape velocity. You have to be harder and you have to be meaner and you have to want it more than everybody else to gain any kind of progress. Stay encouraged and fight the good fight for yourself and God.
Know the difference between hating and constructive criticism. THE TRUTH IS NOT HATIN!!!!
2020 May 0714m 48s
This episode outlines the difference between hating in constructive criticism because it gets confused quite often and all communities.
The Power of Words (Use Integerity when you speak).
2020 Apr 2921m 36s
Words are very important they are the most important thing. Because words build relationships, they destroy relationships, and they also keep relationships together. Words lead to actions that educate us throughout our entire lives. Words are to be used for integrity not deception. And words are also not to be used to mislead people who do not know any better if they follow you blindly.
Where is your loyalty? Does your loyalty rest with the problem or solution?
2020 Apr 1918m 6s
This is speaking to where the loyalty of the masses really resides. Is your loyalty with the problem or is your loyalty with the solution?
People are not listening to social distancing guidelines. Ready for new world order👁
2020 Apr 0714m 5s
This is a chronicle of the behavior of residents and Detroit communities and how they're are not following social distancing guidelines in majority. Also this is how all of this could lead to the new world order.
Lead in these uncertain times of the Corona virus. (IN MEMORY OF MICHIGAN STATE REP ISSAC ROBINSON)
2020 Mar 3015m 50s
This episode honors the life of Michigan house representative "Isaac Robinson." who recently passed away after battling with Corona virus. The episode explains how to lead in the uncertain times of the fatal corona virus. You can not fold in times of adversity unless you were always unfit to lead.
Nobody had any answers for Corona virus this is not one's person fault!!!
2020 Mar 2319m 42s
Day 14 of Corona virus quarantine critiques on the and powers at be. Why social distancing is a life saver in many aspects. Connect with the highest power at be and be covered.
How to deal with hate from unexpected places. Ft. Mike Martin (IT Guru/Minister)
2020 Mar 0324m 45s
Chris and Mike Martin discuss the trials and tribulations of dealing with hate from unexpected places in great detail from their own life experiences.
They teach us to believe in everything but ourselves and God!!!
2020 Feb 2220m 42s
This episode bring light to how we are taught to believe in everything but ourselves and God in order to keep us from being change makers.
State of the Black Community
2020 Feb 1923m 1s
The black community is being discussed in mostly all areas on this podcast.
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