• Rylan Shaeffer
5 episodes
Two dudes discuss vinyl music, booze and living with their overwhelming anxiety. We are the type of guys you hang out with for the conversation. We'll sit around and talk about anything from music and drinking to depression and crippling anxiety, all without realizing we've just laughed or cried half our day away. In this podcast we bring you in on those conversations because, well we're gonna have them anyway.


#5 We get political
2021 Jan 1959m 54s
We all know that the world we live in is pretty screwed up... In this episode we give our take on a couple of recent events in the United States.
#4 Back to business as usual
2021 Jan 121h 1m 4s
We strongly recommend that you drink along to this episode.
#3 A year in review gone a rye
2020 Dec 291h 17m 47s
We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming so that Rylan and Wes can talk about their favorite albums of 2020, both personally and in relation to the weird year we've all experienced. Although intended as a "year in review", the boys really just do what they do best and bullshit about whatever comes to mind... Realistically, it's the perfect episode for 2020, at first it doesn't quite make sense but then gets you thinking "what the fuck am I doing?"
#2 Books, Bourbon, Battlestar Galactica
2020 Dec 211h 3m 28s
"If you need to know the answer to something, don't trust us, google is existing, in your pocket, today."
#1 We get better
2020 Dec 1554m 57s
A taste of whats to come... In this episode we talk about why we like listening to vinyl records and how they make us feel. We also talk about what we like to drink and make some very solid plans for later episodes and trust me, we deliver!
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