3 episodes
RezXperts features a Canadian Indigenous - Aboriginal perspective in todays world, providing interviews, commentary, and discussion on current affairs, news, politics, culture, lifestyles, and more.


Episode 3: The Pass System
2016 Feb 23
On this episode, Alex Williams, director of The Pass System documentary joins the RezXperts of Shauneen Pete, Chris Ross, and Candy Fox to discuss the history of the Canadian reserve pass system policy and how Indigenous people express themselves and their culture through their art.
Episode 2: Street Names
2016 Feb 14
The second episode of RezXperts is featured on the premiere of RezX season 2. The panelists of Jason Bird, Denica Patterson, Erin Goodpipe, and Lani Elliot discuss if cities should incorporate Indigenous names for city streets, parks, and public buildings.
Episode 1: Christmas
2016 Feb 14
This episode features the RezXperts of Shauneen Pete, Denica Patterson, Erin Goodpipe, and Lani Elliot discussing Christmas and the holiday season. Previously featured on RezX's 2015 Christmas Special.
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