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What does a Kenyan, Pole, Egyptian and a Greek have in common? Well apparently, resilient livers. Aided by a stiff drink in hand, Brian, Jakub, Faris and Stephanie discuss daily life, diverse and well-researched topics and throw in a movie/TV show review for good measure.


Episode #7: Sorry for the delay, I had COVID
2021 Jan 111h 14m 44s
I know you've missed us. Well, we're back and we're here to stay
Episode #6: What would you do if I fart right now?
2020 Dec 211h 43m 11s
WEEKLY CATCH-UP:  Jakub recording remotely  Italian working hours   Covid-19 and its impact on takeaway  Airport experience and transit flights
Episode #5: Slut-shaming? We don't do that over here...
2020 Dec 141h 53m 47s
WEEKLY CATCH UP (0:00) Faris thinks foreplay is better than sex  Spotify vs. Apple  The Polish language wages a war against vowels
Episode #4: Do you have a big dick?
2020 Dec 071h 56m 39s
WEEKLY CATCH UP (0:00) Pandas are not racist Faris ponders the logistics of a devil's threesome Loser MasterChef: Brian vs. Faris
Episode #3: The Church of Brianology
2020 Nov 301h 46m 32s
WEEKLY CATCH UP  RIP Maradona 💙 (9:00) Bird flu in Europe (13:40) Brian meets Estelle's biggest fan.  The loneliness epidemic sweeping the developed world ft. The hand holding simulor and the Bootymaster 500. (23:00)
Episode #2 "I'd eat cockroaches before sushi"
2020 Nov 231h 36m 6s
WEEKLY CHECK-IN: Faris kick-starts his influencer career by unknowingly taking part in a social experiment video for a local YouTuber
Episode #1 I thought my grandmother was Santa Claus
2020 Nov 161h 8m 23s
Our very first episode!  We felt like the one thing the world is missing right now, is unlimited access to our unsolicited opinions. Welcome and enjoy the ride  - Jakub thought his grandma is Santa Claus - How vaccines work | COVID-19 vaccine | Anti-vaxxers - Brewster's Millions review: imagine being so rich you can't get broke even if you tried
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