5 Outfits That Rocked My World
  • Beth
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A podcast in which my guests talk about style and fashion and in particular, outfits that have had an impact on their lives. I'm fascinated in how we express who we are through our clothes and how they make us feel. Life is all about relationships and one of the most important relationships is the one we have with our clothes. In 5 Outfits That Rocked My World we’ll discuss not only style and fashion but confidence, families and career paths as well as those incredible years where we started to find our fashion feet. This podcast is like a chat with a friend, a place where people can come to reminisce, for nostalgia, a giggle and an “Oh I remember that” moment or two!


Michelle Abbott On Pedal Pushers, The "Lady Di" Influence, Houndstooth Check, Laura Ashley and Red Lipstick (episode #1)
2020 Dec 1044m 20s
My guest on today's show is Michelle Abbott. I met Michelle on Instagram several years ago now and I’ve always loved the way that she looks to have so much fun with her clothes. Michelle wears different styles, colours, prints and fabrics and describes...