The devotion to our Santa muerte
  • Azrael
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Created for our devotion to la Santa muerte to speak upon how bless it is for us being completely devoted to her and how amazing she is the amazing energy she provides for everyone devoted to her. Discussing our great journey with her and letting it be known how important it is to keep our devotion and promises up to date. All donation made toward this platform will go towards offering to her and placed on her altar for blessing towards the person who made the donation anyone that wanna sit and talk about there journey with her pls send me a message to do so everyone is welcome 📝👑💀🗝🌍🔺👁 Support this podcast:


cigarette reading
2020 Dec 1715m 4s
The right way to do a cigarette reading its not with 1 cigarette the way I’ve been hearing its with 2 cigarette
Exposing the fakes on instagram
2020 Nov 2649m 36s
The cause and the affect coming after me especially with no motives or reasons you get the venom in your veins
Santeria and la Santa muerte
2020 Nov 1715m 16s
The difference for me in la Santeria and the cult of la santa muerte i get a lot of ?if i still serve my elegua
2020 Oct 2717m 18s
Is it ok for someone or yourself to put a hex on a person that is also devoted to la Santa muerte
What is your main purpose and reason being devoted to la Santa muerte
2020 Oct 2614m 59s
A little bit of everything, something I believe everyone should hear and know and to take in consideration that being devoted to la Santa muerte has nothing to do with rituals at all what’s so ever her energy is divine white and pure what we do at the end of the day is on us
Putting money on your altar
2020 Oct 2510m 56s
It’s important to know what you could do and not do with the money you place on your Santa muerte altar and on this episode I will explain what works for me and what I have done over the years
Hijo de la Santa muerte intro
2020 Oct 2410m 5s
Hello brothers and sisters welcome to my podcast mucha bendiciones para todo parte de mi y humilde altar
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