Candid Hour with Carmen GilFraguada
  • Carmen Gilfraguada
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Welcome to the Candid Hour podcast! Now that you're here, let's talk candidly about REAL life, not the fake stuff you see on Instagram.


Addressing Assumptions About Me
2021 Jan 1811m 32s
Short & sweet, I address assumptions about me in this week's episode! Were your assumptions correct?
5 Things I'm Leaving In 2020
2021 Jan 0420m 57s
Happy New Year guys!! In today's episode I share 5 things I'm leaving in 2020 to make 2021 the best year yet.
10 Lessons I've Learned After 1 Year of Marriage
2020 Dec 1418m 48s
In today's Candid Hour episode, I share the 10 Lessons I've Learned after 1 year of marriage. These can honestly be applied to any relationship, but are primarily meant for marriage.
How to Crush Your Goals
2020 Nov 3019m 55s
In this week's episode, I share 10 tips on how to crush your goals; just in time for the new year!
Stop Making Excuses and Get It Done
2020 Nov 2332m 50s
In this week's Candid Hour episode, I share 10 tips on how to stop making excuses in order to crush your goals and accomplish your dreams.
My Journey To Veganism
2020 Nov 1620m 27s
For this week's episode of Candid Hour, I share my journey to veganism, common misconceptions, and share tips for those interested in a vegan lifestyle.
73 Questions with Carmen GilFraguada
2020 Nov 0930m 44s
Inspired by Vogue's 73 Question Challenge, I chose random questions to answer to ease into Candid Hour. Get to know me and some of the fun adventures I've been on with this fun challenge!
Welcome to the Candid Hour Podcast
2020 Nov 022m 45s
Welcome to my first ever podcast!! A brief introduction to me and what to expect from Candid Hour.
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