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Lyrical Whacks is a multi-platform exploration of lyrics, poetry and literature hosted by Ursula Wake and Jon Atack.


poems of childhood
2021 Jan 1550m 42s
Jon and Ursula share poems from their childhood.
New Love
2021 Jan 0438m 20s
Poems and song lyrics about new love. From John Donne to Nick Cave,  Robert Graves to Radiohead and Christina Rosetti to Guy Garvey.  And be sure to check out this week's bonus episode, animales hambrientos,  here: https://anchor.fm/lyricalwhacks/episodes/animales-hambrientos---bonus-episode-for-New-Love-eofnaq
animales hambrientos - bonus episode for 'New Love'
2021 Jan 022m 38s
this is the bonus video for 'New Love', which you can listen to here: https://anchor.fm/lyricalwhacks/episodes/New-Love-eofnge
Richard Brautigan
2020 Dec 3121m 40s
Richard Brautigan's cult hero status in late 20th century America was  due to his novels rather than his poems, which he sometimes gave out on  the streets for free.  He is one of Jon's writing heroes and he and  Ursula share some of his poetry here.
Love in the Time of Corona, part two
2020 Dec 2110m 25s
How do you start a relationship during a global pandemic? Jon and Ursula  had to find out, and they share the second part of their journey here.  This is the sequel to this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lyricalwhacks/episodes/love-in-the-time-of-corona-part-one-enqadc
Stille Nacht
2020 Dec 152m 12s
The Christmas carol Silent Night has become so famous worldwide that it  has its own website.  Here, Ursula reads the original German "Stille  Nacht".  This is a bonus video to "Festival of Lights", which you can see here: https://anchor.fm/lyricalwhacks/episodes/Festival-of-Lights-enqi0r
Festival of Lights
2020 Dec 1527m 12s
Poems and songs about Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year are what we're  bringing you this week, as well as other views of light in darkness.   And check out the bonus video, "Stille Nacht," here: https://youtu.be/Ug2VvH6-PO8
Elvis Costello
2020 Dec 1534m 37s
Elvis Costello first recorded in 1977. Jon and Ursula think he is one of  the best lyricists of our times. In this episode, they read some of  their favourite Costello lyrics, from his first album My Aim is True  through to 2020's Hey Clockface:-
Tao Te Ching
2020 Dec 1424m 3s
The Tao Te Ching – or Dao De Jing - is a series of poems written in the  4th century BCE by a Chinese sage (traditionallly credited as Laozi).   Ursula and Jon read the first 6 chapters, taken from Jon’s translation,  available here:  https://www.amazon.com/Tao-Te-Ching-Lao-Tzu-ebook/dp/B072JL13DR/
Emily Dickinson
2020 Dec 1439m 22s
Emily Dickinson's poetry has been hugely influential in the development  of modern English-language poetry, though she was almost unknown during  her lifetime. Her first volume of poetry was published in 1890 – four  years after her death – and was an instant success.  It is hard to  believe that much of her work dates back to the American Civil War in  the early 1860s. This is rich, beautiful and insightful poetry that has  inspired both Ursula and Jon in their own work.