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Talk With Emmanuel is a podcast segment where I share my thoughts and beautiful content on Entertainment, sports, politics, Education, and social issues.


"Sleep Paralysis" More of spiritual or scientific???
2021 Jan 2728m 41s
In this episode I had a Guest Marianne Coleman who have had experiences on Sleep Paralysis. Marianne has always been a creative person. Whether that is with traditional art, or the
Why most up and coming artists prefer to move to Lagos to a successful Musical career
2021 Jan 0432m 53s
In this episode on "Talk With Emmanuel " i share my thoughts on why I think Lagos state is the Epic center of the musical industry here in Nigeria. And what other states in Nigeria must do to reach that Mark. I also interviewed Mr Orji Victor popularly known as Vickwanye.
In this latest episode of Talk With Emmanuel, we look at the "Keys to Keeping your Partner "
2020 Dec 1634m
Here we listed out tips or keys to have a healthy relationship. You'll really find it enlightening.
Review of major events in the year 2020. Episode 2
2020 Dec 0510m 48s
We start from where we stopped in the review of major events in the year 2020.
Talk With Emmanuel . Review of major events in 2020 which I call the Bizzare year
2020 Dec 0312m 16s
Hello this Emmanuel Sunday Ugochukwu. And in this episode you're going to hear how this year came with it's own pot of soup and was serving it hot for us. From the Hong Kong protest to the Australian wild fire, the pandemic , Black life matters protest. A lot of them. Tune in meanwhile it's my first podcast do well to critic it and I'll work on it. Thank you so much .
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