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What if you took a Ted Talk and put it in a Modern Warfare 2 lobby? Then you would get this Ménage à Trois. Join Salmons, Chip, and Downs while we discuss: Politics, Criminal Justice, and if we would rather lick chocolate off our grandmas' toes or have a friend tongue punch our ear holes. Tune in next week on the last episode.


A Wild Panda Bear Appeared!
2021 Jan 1755m 7s
We introduce Bear to the cast, BUT only for a limited time! Yet again the starfish arrives.The audio was messed up totally on purpose *wink*And Down's audio just disappeared...In reality, the audio goofed like three times and we've re-recorded it twice...
Does God Exist?
2021 Jan 101h 21m 19s
Somehow the starfish being punched comes back. We got "canceled". Salmons almost got arrested.
Anarchy And Smash Bros
2021 Jan 031h 27m 35s
We introduce Down's sus cult. If you didn't know what terrorism is we didn't either!
Let's Keep Pandering And Run Some Ads
2020 Dec 271h 26m 6s
Don't this "would you rather" in a park!  We talk about police processes in semi-recent events, exploit pandering, and we find the infamous starfish puncher.
What's Your Billboard And What About The "System"?
2020 Dec 201h 43m
Tune in this time to find your local "Diddler", we find out who's philanthropic, and recent instances of police interacting with the community.
Episode Zero (Osu and Political Polarization)
2020 Dec 111h 18m 16s
Welcome to the pilot. Get to know us and slowly lose brain cells while doing it.