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Building a sustainable business faster with Baz Baruah
2021 Jan 1511m 10s
Baz Baruah joined us in the Habitz Podcast studio and was talking all things profit. People start businesses to make money. That's the long and short of it. But, a lot of businesses don't put in procedures from the start to have their businesses last long enough to actually make a profit. Most businesses fail within the first five years from poor planning.
How to use TikTok for business with Lewis Ellis
2021 Jan 1416m 30s
Lewis Ellis joined us in the Habitz Podcast Studio talking through social media and using TikTok to your advantage. A lot of businesses don't want to use new platforms or categorise it based on their own views of it. "TikTok's for kids, we won't achieve anything on there".
How to manage your data with Susan Walsh
2021 Jan 138m 59s
Susan Walsh joined us in the Habitz Podcast studio and was talking all things data classification. A lot of businesses don't realise the importance of keeping data clean until it's really far gone and expensive to fix. Businesses waste so much money from paying attention to the details in their data.
The key to employee engagement with James Timpson
2021 Jan 114m 45s
We've got James Timpson in the Habitz Podcast studio talking us through employee engagement and how they keep everyone invested in the business - resulting in his business being in the top 10 of the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For every time it has entered.
Why you should embrace online learning with Lucy Dunleavy
2021 Jan 0814m 1s
We're joined by Lucy Dunleavy in the Habitz Podcast studio and she's talking about online learning. Nothing usually sparks dread like the thought of being on a training day or sitting through a training course on-site somewhere with magnolia walls and a trainer who just doesn't want to be there.
Top tips to get hired with Johnny Walker
2021 Jan 0714m 1s
Johnny Walker joins us in the Habitz Podcast studio today talking about executive job search. If you're an exec and looking for work, it can be easy to assume that because you have a good job title, the offers come flooding in. But that's not the case. Most job seekers don't know how to speak about themselves in an interview properly. They don't know what to highlight when they write a CV. Johnny talks you through how to grow your chances of landing the job.
Why Business Software Can Be Sh!t with Chris Cooke
2021 Jan 049m 50s
Chris Cooke is with us in the Habitz Podcast Studio talking about how to build an app with no experience. Chris isn't a developer but has now built several successful Jira and Confluence apps so has some tips if you're looking to do the same.
How to plan your build better with Stephen Hull
2020 Dec 3112m 51s
Stephen Hull joins us in the Habitz Podcast studio to talk about costing up a build. Whether you're Architect or a Builder on-site, if you’re costing builds or trying to get a realistic quote through from different suppliers you know it can be hard and construction costings can vary massively depending on where you go.
Men's mental health with Andy Bishop
2020 Dec 309m 8s
Andy Bishop is in the Habitz podcast studio talking openly about the stigma that is men's mental health. 2020 was terrible for mental health in general but for years a lot of men have struggled with opening up about feelings of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.
How to digitally transform your business with Chris Williams
2020 Dec 2914m 48s
Chris Williams is with us in the Habitz Podcast Studio talking about digital transformation in business. The high street is a struggle at the moment and it feels like an office is almost a thing of the past, so how do you keep up with the way everything is changing?