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Brought to you by Relate Malaysia, the Being Human podcast explores what makes us human, the challenges we face to understand ourselves, and how we can develop self-awareness and the tools to create a meaningful life.


Reflections on mental health: In conversation with Dr. Chua Sook Ning
2021 Jan 1636m 33s
As we get settled into the New Year, Dr Chua Sook Ning - founder of Relate Malaysia and host of the Being Human podcast - joins mindfulness author, Star columnist, and counsellor, Sandy Clarke, as she reflects on her journey as a psychologist, and the journey of mental health in Malaysia.
Why do people self-harm? (with Dr. Nancy Heath)
2021 Jan 0734m 51s
Self-harm (or self-injury) has been defined as the "intentional direct injury of one's own tissues without a suicidal intention", and is more common than we realise, primarily among young people who self-harm as a means of emotional release.
Are relationships key to resolving psychological problems? (with Dr. John Markowitz)
2020 Dec 1930m
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) focuses on the idea that our personal relationships are at the heart of our psychological problems.
Understanding youth suicide in Asian cultures (with Dr. Frederick Leong)
2020 Nov 2850m 6s
Suicide rates in Malaysia over the past 10 years have been rising, particularly among young people...but what drives them to such pain in the first place?
How to befriend your body (with Prof. Viren Swami)
2020 Nov 1042m 3s
What thoughts come to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror? We all have a body image - a sense of how we see and feel about our physical self - and many people feel they're not good enough, strong enough, or pretty enough compared to others. What affects our body image? What happens to us if we have a negative body image? And what role do our parents, friends, and the media play in shaping how we see ourselves? Answering these questions and more is Prof. Viren Swami, a social psychologist and expert on body image and human appearance. In this episode of Being Human, he joins Dr. Chua Sook Ning to discuss the factors that influence our body image, and what we can do to support ourselves and each other to rise above social and cultural ideals of physical appearance.
Suicide prevention: what's it all about? (with Pheh Kai Shuen)
2020 Oct 1943m 10s
There has been a growing awareness of the need to understand suicide prevention in Malaysia, due to the rise in suicide rates over the past ten years - but what are some of the practical ways that we can offer our help and support to people experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings? In this episode of Being Human, Dr. Chua Sook Ning is joined by Pheh Kai Shuen - a clinical psychologist and the Head of Programme at the Department of Psychology and Counselling, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). Kai Shuen pioneered and piloted a four-step suicide prevention programme known as "C.A.R.E.", providing guidance to mental health professionals and members of the public on how to understand, support and help those who are struggling with suicidal ideation.
How does psychotherapy work? (with Prof. Bruce Wampold)
2020 Oct 0950m 43s
It's a question all good counsellors and clinicians ask themselves: What can I do to make my practice more effective for my clients? People seeking mental health support have a similar question in mind. They wonder what good therapy - and a good therapist - looks like. Answering these questions and more in this episode of Being Human, Dr. Chua Sook Ning is joined by Prof. Bruce Wampold, Emeritus Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Prof. Wampold has dedicated his illustrious career to discovering the common factors of effective therapy, which are explored in his books, 'The Great Psychotherapy Debate' and 'The Basics of Psychotherapy'. For clinicians and clients alike, this episode shines a light on the most important aspects of counselling and psychotherapy.
Anxiety: does it deserve the bad press it gets? (with Prof. Jon Abramowitz)
2020 Sep 2344m 5s
Did you know that 1 in 13 people around the world experience anxiety? When we think about being anxious, it can be something we want to avoid or get rid of - but is anxiety really the bad guy it's made out to be?
How to discover values that help you lead a meaningful life (feat. Prof. Steven C. Hayes)
2020 Sep 1249m 43s
When we want to make changes, we often rely on goals alone to take our lives in a positive direction. According to Prof. Steven C. Hayes, that's not enough - our goals need to be driven by values if we want to live a meaningful life.
How app-based technology is tackling eating disorders (with Dr. Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft)
2020 Sep 0540m 32s
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70 million people worldwide have an eating disorder. And yet, many people throughout the world don't receive effective treatment for these complex issues.