The Next Step Podcast
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Let's take the Next Step in our spiritual journey together! We want to be part of your journey as you follow Jesus. This podcast exists to encourage and equip you every step of the way.


Kids Adventure Time - Episode 1
2021 Jan 134m 59s
Are we blessed to build more or to serve more?    Mrs. Kate will unpack this idea, jam out to this month's song AND you get to vote on what we do next week!
Explore the Bible : Genesis 1-2
2021 Jan 052m 33s
Welcome to the book or origins!  Genesis shows us the origins of our world (1-2)    Origins of the nations (2-11)  and the origins of Israel (12-50) The book spans 2000 years, whereas most Biblical books span a few hundred. Genesis becomes the essential background for understanding the events which make the nation of Israel the People of God and make God the one true God that must be worshipped by all humanity.
Give Him Your Heart - Sunday Discussion 12-13-20
2020 Dec 1437m 50s
What do you give our God who has everything? Your heart!
Revelation 7 - The 144K
2020 Dec 116m 46s