• Will Parkins and Alan Hensley
12 episodes
Alan and Will chat about random stuff concerning the Lord


Ep. 12: Worship Follow Up
2021 Jan 1828m 6s
Da Boiz follow up on Reach last week and our topic of Reach. Do Christians always have to be annoyingly happy?
Ep. 11: Prayer
2020 Dec 1945m 56s
Da Boiz chat about prayer! Merry Christmas everyone!
Ep. 10: How to Grow
2020 Dec 1539m 21s
Listen to Da Boiz chat about growth in the Christian life!
Ep. 9: Narcissim in Ministry
2020 Dec 0842m 38s
Will and Alan chat about some of the things they've been recognizing in their own lives in reference to Narcissim and Leadership
Ep. 8: Abusive Leadership
2020 Dec 0350m 42s
Alan and Will chat about Leadership in light of the recent moral failure of a well known pastor.
Ep. 7: Why Theology Matters
2020 Nov 2438m 52s
Da Boiz talk about why they think people avoid Theology and why they think its so important!
Ep. 6: "College Lyfe"
2020 Nov 1630m 51s
Da Boiz chat about how to walk as Christians on the college campus!
Ep. 5: Our College Years
2020 Nov 1139m 48s
The boys chat about what their college years looked like with Jesus
Ep. 4: Social Media
2020 Nov 1123m 19s
What do "Da Boiz" think about social media? And how do they use it?
Ep. 3: Politics
2020 Nov 1130m 38s
Hear our thoughts on politics as the Election approaches!