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Welcome to Fathership Scott Doucet here. I'm pretty much living the life of my dreams. I married the girl of my dreams, I have my dream car, I live in a house in my hometown that I own. I have a daughter and a son on the way and at the time of recording this trailer Things could not be more complicated Because as it turns out, when you achieve the life of your dreams, the work isn't over. You now have to work hard to maintain those dreams, to nurture the relationships you build, to grow beyond the person you are right now, to be the person who deserves to hang on to everything you've worked to accomplish, and to be the person who can truly enjoy everyone and everything around them. That is now the person I am trying to grow to be. This is that Journey. The Fathership Podcast is all about growing into the role of dad, growing into the role of husband, growing into the role of home owner, growing into the role of community leader and being the best business owner I can possibly be. It's not going to be easy. Quite frankly, this is the hardest thing I'm ever going to do. It won't only be the victories we share. We'll be talking about the struggles, the addictions and the things we have to overcome. I'll be talking to Dads, Moms, and experts from around the globe about their experiences with fatherhood, parenting, relationships and life in order to grow and to help you grow into the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be. Join us.


F027 Our Relationship with Our Fathers
2020 Nov 271h 46m 5s
In this episode, host Scott Doucet and cohost Josh MacKenzie go in depth on their relationships with their fathers. Josh kicks off the episode discussing his father and the impact he’s had on his life. They talk about what was there, what was missing, and how Josh navigated that as a child and into adulthood. Scott follows up by talking about the contrasts between his biological father and his stepfather, and how both men helped shape the man he became. This episode goes into the good the bad and the ugly of growing up with their dads.
F026 What Has Been Most Difficult to Balance? - Ask Me Anything with Josh MacKenzie
2020 Sep 1038m 20s
Are you struggling to strike a balance between all of the things in your life that demand your attention? You’re definitely not alone on that one. In this episode of Fathership, Josh MacKenzie joins Scott to discuss balance and more specifically: How does Scott find balance with so many irons in the fire at all times. It’s an in-depth episode spanning topics like goals, priorities, boundaries, time management, relationships, careers, family living and so much more. If you’re someone who could use a little lesson on balance in order to avoid burning out or damaging relationships with the people who matter most to you, click play, tune in and make the necessary adjustments to your day!
F025 How do I Find Motivation or Discipline?
2020 Sep 0319m 14s
Are you the kind of person who struggles to start things you don’t want to do? Do you start big projects or get on the path to self improvement only to pack it in when things get tough and leave it unfinished or unfulfilled? If this sounds like you, it may be that you’re struggling to find motivation, or even worse: you might lack discipline. While motivation and discipline are not the same thing, they work together like night and day to ultimately get you to whatever goal you set out to accomplish. Motivation is fun. It’s that spark that gets you started. While most people have no issues doing things they love, what happens when you have to find the drive to do things you don’t enjoy? Or when you do finally get started, what do you do when you lose momentum or things get hard? That’s what this episode is all about! If you’re interested in hearing more, click play and learn how you can find a little extra starting power and staying power in your day to day life!
F024 How to Manage Stress - Ask Me Anything with Josh MacKenzie
2020 Aug 2025m 24s
How do you reduce stress and find happiness in those moments where life feels like a grind? How do you chill out and still get everything done? As Dads, we end up with a lot on our plate. The day to day management of all of our tasks, jobs and roles can sometimes pile up and leave us stressed out and struggling to properly handle or address the things we need to. Even when we get everything done, often we’re left feeling drained, depleted or burned out. While we strive to do as much as we can to make the lives of those around us better, we can often forget to provide some basic care and maintenance to ourselves. In this episode of Fathership, I welcome Josh MacKenzie back to the show to answer a question from a member of Fathership: The Knighthood in an effort to unpack and deploy strategies and tactics to better manage the stress in your daily grind.
F023 The Purpose of a Father: Contribution
2020 Aug 1310m 47s
Have you ever wanted to give back to your friends or your community? What can you do to further contribute to the lives of others? When is the best time to give back? Should you charge for your contributions, or does it always have to be free? That’s what’s going down on this week’s episode of Fathership. It’s a short one but a great topic to finish off the Purpose of a Father series. Gentlemen, if you’ve ever wondered about how to give back to others, this is definitely the episode for you!
F022 The Purpose of a Father: Defence
2020 Aug 0629m 7s
Welcome to the Fathership Podcast! This week we’re examining the third purpose of a father: Defence. It’S a father’s responsibility to protect his family and ensure they are safe in every possible situation, so how do you become the man who is capable of doing that? That’s what this episode is all about.
F021 The Purpose of a Father - Provision
2020 Jul 3017m 2s
Once upon a time it was considered “enough” for a man to make money, come home and preside over the home he successfully funded. In today’s world, women are more than capable of funding themselves, which leaves a lot of modern men struggling to find out where they fit in as natural providers. If money is no longer an issue, it all comes down to how you make the people in your life feel, and trust me when I say that it’s always been important. A man’s role within the family unit is changing, and as a result: the man has to change with it. Whether or not you’re the primary earner for your family, there are other things to consider where provision is concerned. Can you provide access to things they can’t? Can you do so with a smile on your face? Can you be the provider of happiness, fun and security? These are just a few of the things that are covered in today’s episode. If you’re wondering where you can do a better job as the provider for your family, click play and tune in. Your family will thank you, dad.
F020 The Purpose of a Father - Leadership
2020 Jul 2326m 42s
We as men often pride ourselves on being leaders, and that quality is never more important than when we step into the role of Father. But so many men out there have a very limited understanding on what it means to be a GOOD leader. As a result, we can often find the people we’re meant to lead not respecting our position as head of the household. If you find that your wife or children don’t give you the respect you deserve, or that they’re not motivated to do the things that need to be done, click play and tune into this episode. You’ll get a solid explanation on what makes a great leader, as well as tips and ideas to gain more respect and influence with those who matter most: your family.
F019 Because I am a Dad Who Matters with Asa Leveaux
2020 Jul 021h 3m 55s
Are you more interested in showing your children how to think instead of telling them what to think? Are you the kind of man who wishes to exhibit more patience and understanding within your relationship with your children? If this sounds interesting to you, welcome to this week’s episode of Fathership! This week’s guest is Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and loving father Asa Leveaux. Asa brings a well rounded and refreshing perspective to fatherhood, and all that comes with it in our multifaceted conversation. This talk covers a lot of ground. We discuss autonomy for our children as we choose to open up our lives to the public, communicating with them in order to become better fathers, and what goes into mending the relationship with our children when things take an unexpected turn. This talk goes deep, and touches on love, acceptance and tolerance in ways you may not have heard them spoken about before. Be prepared to question the way you’ve always approached things. This episode definitely changed my mind on a few topics.
F018 The Purpose of a Father
2020 Jun 2327m 50s
What is the purpose of a father in the modern day? What is the purpose of a man today?