Health and wealth
  • De'Mario Scott
6 episodes
Health and wealth is a podcast diving into concepts to live a healthy and wealthy life. Giving tips, Tricks, and real stories to help you along your journey.


Ep #03 Health and Wealth goals
2020 Nov 179m 41s
In this episode I’m discussing the goal of the podcast and the subject matter I’ll be speaking on.
Ep #05 SURVIVAL with Jevon, lanna, Quan and Nyla
2020 Nov 171h 7m 16s
I this podcast we discuss survival and many tips to improve your survival position. We cover city and rural survival and ways to ensure you stay in the fight.
Ep #04 intellectual travel
2020 Nov 1512m 2s
Here I am explaining the process of intellectual travel and possible ways to free your mind.
Ep# 02 what is righteousness with my brother Jevon Scott
2020 Nov 1253m 7s
My brother Jevon joins to talk on righteousness and what it means to be righteous.
Ep# 01 Politics, the black community, covid all unscripted and free flowing with Guest Jevon scott
2020 Nov 111h 28m 16s
We wanted to really just discuss a wide range of topics and a have a good time discussing some hot things. I hope you enjoy feel free to make suggestions.
(Bonus episode)Danlee the artist talks creating a dream career
2020 Nov 099m 2s
Danlee the artist talks about his process of becoming an artist and what we can expect to see from the 20th century’s next big artist
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