Vancouver Island Pinball (VIP) podcast
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6 episodes
Our podcast will emphasize pinball on our Island. As well we intend to highlight events, groups and individuals in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the US. In addition we will be providing general news updates to our listeners and global interviews with pinball folks from all over


VIP Ep6 We venture to the Southern Hempishere
2021 Jan 161h 11m 3s
Episode 6 of the Vancouver Island Pinball podcast
Episode 5 .. Alberta bound and First look at JJP GNR LE
2021 Jan 041h 14m 4s
Episode 5 of the VIP podcast
VIP Ep4 - Pinball Profile ... Profile
2020 Dec 131h 3m 50s
In Episode 4 we return with an interview with Jeff Teolis from the Pinball Profile and Final Round podcasts. We also interview VPL director of officiating Brent Hayashi ... Darrell takes a trip back in time for the what's in the shop Darrel segment .. we update the arcade status on the Island and we also introduce the first ever VIP podcast contest.
VIP Podcast Episode #3
2020 Dec 0155m 36s
In this episode we provide updates on the status of the arcades on the Island. We interview VPL Vice-President Hayley Williams, Darrell is back with a tech tip and we wrap up with an Interview of Walt Morose who discusses the Pinball for Change charitable tournaments as well as the history of the Bluffs Pinball League(s) and his entry into the madness of the pinball hobby
Vancouver Island Pinball (VIP) Podcast Episode 2
2020 Nov 1445m 5s
In Episode #2 we update the status of the arcades on the Island. In our interview with Ashleigh we find out about the little known connection between asparagus and pinball. Darrell returns with "What's in the shop Darrell" providing insight into hardtop replacements for playfields and we wrap up the episode with an interview with Steve from Powerhouse Pinball
Vancouver Island Pinball Podcast ... Episode 1
2020 Oct 2937m 58s
In our first ever episode we interview IFPA ROY (2019) Axel Blonde and local player "Pinball Dave'. We also have current arcade status on the Island as well as Tech Tip segment with Darrell.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.