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On Trailer Rewind, co-hosts Steve Sarmento and Justin Jaeger pick one movie currently available on streaming services and discuss it at length, from its origins to its performance and everything in between. Part of The Next Reel family of film podcasts on TruStory FM.


The Last Black Man In San Francisco
2020 Dec 161h 17m 9s
Today one of our newest TNR voices, Ocean, takes a trip with Steve to meet The Last Black Man in San Francisco. They agree that this is a film that has a distinctive opening, but there’s a sharp difference of opinion at the heart of this episode. Find out what makes the last Trailer Rewind of 2020 a contentious one.
Les Miserablés (2019)
2020 Dec 0254m 53s
It’s a rare occasion when Steve and Andy have an in-depth conversation about a film. One thing you can be sure of is that they know how to pick them. For this Trailer Rewind, Steve and Andy are traveling abroad for a suspenseful ride along with Chris, Gwada, and Stephane Ruiz in 2019’s Les Misérables.
The Report • Trailer Rewind
2020 Nov 1850m 8s
Case # TR46
The Lodge • Trailer Rewind
2020 Nov 0458m 41s
As the nights grow longer and the temperatures drop lower Steve and TNR’s Ray DeLancey invite you to spend some time with them in The Lodge. Don’t worry about the snowstorm outside, they have everything you will need to stay warm . . . for now.
Banana Split • Trailer Rewind
2020 Oct 2147m 33s
There’s nothing to make a father more uncomfortable than a film that has teens and parents having explicit, yet humorous, conversations about their own sexuality. So Steve thought it would be a great idea to recruit Marvel Movie Minute’s Rob Kubasko to discuss Banana Split with him.
Villains (2009) • Trailer Rewind
2020 Oct 0749m 25s
Trailer Rewind is back with a new season and new voices. Steve talks with The Film Board’s Tommy Handsome about the 2019 film Villains, a film from a 2016 Blacklist script, and featuring a cast of familiar faces.
The Kindergarten Teacher (American)
2020 May 2656m 34s
JJ and Steve finish off the first half of 2020 with 2018's The Kindergarten Teacher. This is an American remake of 2014's The Kindergarten Teacher from Israel. There is no doubt that this is truly Maggie Gyllenhaall's film. This adaptation is a more accessible film, but it has lost many of the elements that JJ and Steve enjoyed and appreciated in the original.
The Kindergarten Teacher (2014) • Trailer Rewind
2020 May 1252m 24s
JJ and Steve finish the first half of 2020 with a film and its remake. This pairing starts with 2014's The Kindergarten Teacher from Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid. There is a lot to discuss and analyze in this film. Is it an allegory? Is it a poem? They both agree that this film is a visual treat.
Vox Lux • Trailer Rewind
2020 Apr 2839m 51s
Steve and JJ are really split on this one. JJ was disappointed that this was more of a poem than a film and wasn't happy about the execution of this film. Steve, on the other hand, gives it praise for its ambitiousness and the opening sequence before the titles.
Wild Rose • Trailer Rewind
2020 Apr 1434m 26s
Neither Steve nor JJ is are fans of Country music. Did that stop them from enjoying Wild Rose? Listen to the latest episode of Trailer Rewind to find out.