Breaking Character
  • Dana Benedict
9 episodes
Each week I have a different performance artist guest talk about impressionable memories performing for live audiences. Support this podcast:


Episode Eight- John Ryan
2021 Jan 021h 7m 6s
Join Dana Benedict as she speaks with John Ryan Benavides about falling off stages, dealing with hecklers, and getting tipped drugs from audience members.
Episode Seven- Freddie Dilsdale
2020 Dec 011h 50m 50s
Welcome back to Breaking Character! Join me as I discuss the act of discovery,  life adding to the performance, collaboration, and reflective aspect to define character choices with Freddie Dilsdale. I find similarities between creating my character Twirly and Freddie’s character Eidderf and we reminisce on how we connected in the Long Beach music scene.
Episode Six- Leland Frankel & Jonny Perl
2020 Oct 271h 29m 40s
“Shinbone Theatre Company is a creative collective focusing on immersive, unexpected, and entertaining productions. From group therapy for the undead to high school reunions gone wrong to virtual reality couples therapy, their diverse audience-driven experiences balance cutting satire with interactive storytelling.”
Episode Five- Zachariah the Witch
2020 Oct 201h 19m
Join me this week as I speak with Zachariah the Witch. We discuss staying true to your art and saying yes to the universe.
Episode Four- Sarah Uplinger
2020 Oct 121h 22m 19s
Join me as I speak with Sarah Uplinger, my baby Vampire sister. We've done quite a few immersive projects together. Here we reminisce on said projects and the topic of port o potties is brought up again 😂
Episode Three- Jacob Patterson
2020 Oct 061h 7m 31s
Join me this week as I speak with producer, director and co-founder of Think Tank Gallery, Jacob Patterson about Satanic dog rituals in elevators, how he is adapting art to a new world plus other stories from owning an art gallery and venue for immersive events in DTLA.
Episode Two- Captain Jack Heartless
2020 Sep 291h 20m 51s
Join me as I talk with special guest number two on my number two episode! We get into the world of pro wrestling, gush about the Grand Ol Opry, and more.
Episode One- Micah Cover
2020 Sep 221h 4m 5s
Join me on my very first episode as I talk with Micah Cover about porta potty monsters, drunks in a castle, and so much more!
Welcome to the Green Room!
2020 Sep 202m 35s
Here is a little reasoning behind why I started yet another project 😂
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