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Are you stuck in a life that you did not create for yourself? Repeatedly asking yourself ‘who am I’? Feeling trapped in a job you don't want to be in anymore? Life after graduation may feel like juggling 10 balls at a time - except that the balls are on fire, you have one hand, and the floor is lava!!! Let the Unique U podcast be your other hand, put out the fires, and teach you how to successfully juggle life after college without burning yourself. Ready to put out fires and learn the simplest way to build your UNIQUE roadmap for life!? https://mystinct.com/home1


Your Unique Morning Ritual : 20 Minutes To Success
2021 Jan 2234m 51s
Do you tumble and roll straight into your days? Wake Up ritual is the most important habit of highly successful people. But, it can be hard to find a personalized morning routine that speaks to YOU. In this episode, Aonushka talks about:
How to STOP Caring About What Others Think
2021 Jan 2037m 40s
Are you trapped in caring too much about what others think about you? Are you letting others define YOU?
Power of a Personal Mantra : Simple Habit
2021 Jan 1923m 3s
Negative thoughts taking over your entire day? Don't know how to motivate yourself in your lows? 5 words can change it ALL.
Do Schools Kill Creativity? Get It Back!
2021 Jan 0118m 32s
Does standardized education take away imagination and raw creativity? Is there a way to cultivate it back?
Is Your Smartphone Smarter Than You?
2020 Dec 3141m 35s
A 'distraction-pandemic'  has taken over all of humanity. How did our smartphones become smarter than us? How should you let your screen control you and learn how to USE it to your benefit.
ONE question for Enlightenment: Aaron Abke
2020 Dec 2847m 37s
Spirituality and connection with your inner self do NOT have to be overly complicated. Aaron Abke, a YouTube Philosopher who aims to help people find peace and joy through his unique approach to spirituality. Aaron makes the journey to self-exploration and answering the age-old golden question "Who am I"  and "What is my purpose in this universe"  simple and easy-to-digest.
Get a GRIP on your emotions, NOW! Subconscious Rewiring
2020 Dec 2430m 29s
Do YOU control your emotions or do your emotions control YOU!? Not having a grip on what you express, when you express it, and how you express it can land you in horrifying situations - filled with post-traumatic REGRET disorder!
University! Works? or Sucks?
2020 Dec 2326m 13s
Only 27 percent of college grads have a job related to their major (The Washington Post). So, did you waste 5 years of your life for a degree you are never going to use!?
The SECRET Question That Will Transform Your Life
2020 Dec 2122m 10s
Starting ANYTHING whether it is a task, action, goal,  or in-action with this ONE question. It has the power to CHANGE your life! Listen NOW to discover the ONE SECRET question!! I mean it...
URGENT: Are you alive?: Joy of living
2020 Dec 1617m 40s
Are you waiting for life to happen? Are success and happiness a destination that you are tirelessly working towards? STOP!!