That's what she read
  • Valentina Coco
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Valentina is a fast reader and passionate about all things leadership, diversity and self-growth. Every two weeks she sits down to chat about the book she most recently read, sometimes alone sometimes with a guest. What did she make of it? Did they inspire? Sometimes she loves them, sometimes she hates them, and she always brings you the key actionable messages.


Ep. 6 You are not so smart by David McRaney
2021 Jan 1120m 22s
From the bookblurb
Ep. 5 Why Men win at work by Gill Whitty-Collins
2020 Dec 2841m 58s
From the book blurb :
Ep. 4 Radical Candor by Kim Scott
2020 Dec 1428m 25s
Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
Ep.3 Can't even, how millennials became the burnout generation by Ann Helen Petersen
2020 Nov 3020m 24s
In our third episode, I will share with you my key takes on 'Can't even, how millennial became the burnout generation'.
Ep.2 Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky
2020 Nov 1617m 36s
In our second episode, I will share with you my key takes on 'Make Time'.
Episode one: Grow with the flow by Katie Mehnert
2020 Nov 1618m 19s
In this very first episode, we talk about 'Grow with the flow' by Katie Mehnert. From the book blurb, Katie Mehnert has spent decades building her career as a health and safety executive working for Shell and BP. In 2014, she leaned in to form Pink Petro, a startup that's addressing the intersection of an inclusive workforce and the energy transition. When Hurricane Harvey uprooted her work and life in 2017, she began to think less about controlling energy and more about how to grow from it. Grow with the Flow is all about personal evolution because personal evolution is about planetary evolution.
2020 Nov 0937s
Welcome to That's what she read.
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