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Helping busy women diet simply and sustainably using Biblical principles and how the body works.


012 || Can My Health Decision Be a Sin?
2021 Jan 126m 51s
When making a health decision, what is the best thing to do for you and your loved ones that will honor God? We will address that question in this episode! Disclaimer: Forgive the quality of this recording, my "studio" is our bathroom right now! SHOW NOTES
011 || But I Don't Need to Diet.
2021 Jan 053m 26s
When I use the word "diet", do you subconsciously tune me out because you don’t think you need to diet? Or maybe you’ve done diets before and are now looking for a non-diet approach to reach your health goals? Let’s talk about why having no diet is having a bad diet...  SHOW NOTES
010 || Healing As Much As It's In Your Power
2020 Dec 295m 50s
Want to get pregnant or lose weight but can't seem to attain it? In this episode of my podcast, we dig into what it means to heal as much as it's in your power.  SHOW NOTES
09 || Not Above the Consequences of Our Actions
2020 Dec 2210m 7s
It'd be nice if we could be above the consequences of our actions when it comes to our health. However, if you want good health, you're going to have to play by the rules. Listen to learn more about these rules.  SHOW NOTES
08 || Did God Make the Food You're Eating?
2020 Dec 155m 33s
Who knows more about how our bodies work - God or man? In this episode, we dig into why God-made food will always be healthier than man-made food. SHOW NOTES
07 || Our Actions and Health are Interconnected
2020 Dec 087m 4s
When we get a bad diagnosis from the doctor, we often think it's random bad luck or our genes. However, in this episode, we dig into how the body is interconnected, and how our choices are linked to our health.  SHOW NOTES
06 || The Natural Law We All Live Under
2020 Dec 018m 29s
Part of God's intelligent design, I believe, was creating rules that we must abide by to have good health. In this episode, I talk about how rebellion against or neglect of following God's natural law can cause detriments to our health. SHOW NOTES
05 || Don't Marry Your Diet
2020 Nov 244m 32s
Many people are under the belief that they must commit themselves to a diet to reach their health goals. However, I say - don't marry your diet or any other specific method to reach your health goals. Learn why and what to commit to instead in this episode of my podcast! Show Notes
04 || Fighting Health Lies and Scams with a Critical Spirit
2020 Nov 1714m 57s
There is A LOT of health information out there. So, how can you tell health lies and scams from the truth? In this episode, we talk about how to have a critical spirit to discern health truth from health lies. SHOW NOTES
03 || Being Perfect Isn't The Goal, Anyways
2020 Nov 109m 41s
It is CRITICAL for you to be realistic about your strengths, weaknesses, and needs with your health. We'll dig into how you can do just that!