#GeniusTalks Making Money Make Sense
  • DeAngelo Parker
6 episodes
A collection of talks among friends on why we can be the levers of change to create wealth and a legacy of Rich Forever


Fraud in 30 days: Arkansas Mo and the PTSD epidemic during this Pandemic
2020 May 1941m 15s
I introduce the latest of the Minus the BullShit podcast about Love and hip hops Arkansas Mo and the PTSD EPIDEMIC amid the pandemic and how we will only take our reparations through the tax code
#BusinessMinusdaBullShit with Mr Parker and Mr Henry
2020 Mar 2858m 17s
Real talk about money minus the fluff and rhetoric
#IncorporateYourHustle with Mr Henry and Mr Parker
2020 Mar 2019m 48s
We must take the time to incorporate all the things we do to make money. We can only achieve generational wealth If we OWN the Corporations that we work for
It’s a #ReSetion
2020 Mar 1846m 48s
#Cash4Corona #Resetion
Rich Forever Talks
2020 Feb 2435m 28s
The first of a series of secrets on how we can teach ourselves to be RICH FOREVER. This was an impromptu session but I wanted to get this out so that we can start a collection of discussions that will be the framework of Infinite wealth secrets
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