Red Rock Seminary
  • Nathan Dilts
2 episodes
A scripture based, Christ centered examination of the the basic tenants of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ; Red Rock Seminary strives to create a space within God’s Word where information with inspiration leads to transformation. Come and join with students of the Gospel who want to be disciples that make a difference with a real and practical faith.


Ep. 02: Faith in Jesus Christ
2020 Mar 0136m 11s
How do have faith in a person you have never met? We discuss the first of the Eight Doctrines of Christ and what the scriptures teach about changing this estrangement into a living life transforming relationship.
Ep. 01 - The Eight Doctrines of Christ
2020 Feb 2124m 52s
Doctrine is a word applied to many concepts or teachings. How do we know what is doctrine? In this episode we will explore the eight doctrines of Christ.
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