Estas Ready Podcast
  • Lorena, Louise, Pedro
4 episodes
A podcast developed for all those looking to hear about life's journey through the unfiltered life of a married woman/mother; a single divorced woman/mother; and a single bachelor. 3 Mental Health Therapists seeking to inspire others by sharing their struggles, ideas, and views of everyday life.Come and join us...Estas Ready?! *this podcast is for entertainment only.


Estas Ready Podcast: Episode 4: Learning during the Pandemic
2021 Jan 1941m 23s
Tune in as we explore distance learning; our personal view and students’ point of view. In addition, we will also provide tips for parents on how to manage distance learning and support their children.
Estas Ready?! Episode 3: 2021 New Year Resolutions
2021 Jan 0834m 13s
2021 is here, and millions of people around the world have picked their New Year Resolutions. Tune in as we explore and discuss New Year resolutions, why people don't follow through and what we all can do to be successful this year.
Estas Ready?! Episode 2: Pandemic Stress and Celebrating the Holidays
2020 Dec 1835m 50s
How will you celebrate the Holidays during the pandemic? Tune in as we explore and discuss the financial, emotional, and physical stress during the pandemic.
Estas Ready?! Podcast-Episode 1: Meet la Gente behind the Mic
2020 Dec 1036m 49s
Meet la Gente -Episode 1:  Introductions; Who we are? Why we are therapists? How we met?  What to expect from us in this podcast? Instagram: @estasreadypodcast; Youtube Channel: estasreadypodcast