Anywhere... But My Hair
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6 episodes
Follow us on Facebook and IG! Taboo sex, dating tips, fun fetishes and how to get by in the modern world. Sassy and sexually charged, we talk shit and find ourselves hilarious. You will too. Sit back, sip some wine and keep an open mind.


2021 Jan 0244m 10s
HNY aftershow! Our resolutions + alcohol = Marry Fuck Kill
2020: Game Over
2021 Jan 0256m 48s
HNY! Horoscopes and Once Upon a Drunken Night
Jingle Bell ROCK
2020 Dec 2056m
Christmas shenanigans. And go. Bring your Aveeno for proper insertion.
2020 Dec 075m 52s
Yeah we f*cked up a bit.
Feels Like The First Time
2020 Dec 0759m 4s
Skip the damn song. It was an accident.
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