My Life is Not Average (A Happiness Project)
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5 episodes
A journey to find out how to be happier, how to change ingrained ways of thinking, and how to change.


Sing Us A Song You’re the Piano Man - 6
2020 Mar 0716m 33s
Music plays such a big role in defining our mental states, and in setting the tone for the various scenes we get into throughout our lives. Picking the right song may literally be the lynchpin that decides what goes well and what doesn’t!
Baby It’s Cold Outside - 4
2020 Mar 0518m 7s
The physical environment can have such a strong effect on the way we think and feel, often in ways we don’t even realize. Actively trying to change that environment may literally be all that’s necessary in order to “see things in a new light”!
If Sleep is for the Weak then Call me Weak - 5
2020 Mar 0417m 8s
Sleep may be for the weak, but not getting enough of it makes you so much weaker. Getting enough rest really matters, and the lead-up to restful sleep is often the biggest hurdle of the day!
Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before - 7
2020 Mar 0317m 6s
In the present day of mass social media, it’s hard to escape the anxieties tied with trying to be yourself. Being bold may end up being the best way to escape that anxiety!
Start of the Journey - 6
2020 Mar 0219m 8s
Every journey’s gotta start somewhere! This episode introduces what this whole podcast is about and why I’m doing it.
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