• Tlholohelo Makatu
22 episodes
Get Me Off This Ride is a little podcast created by TT Makatu, a Born Again South African™ and a lowkey empath. The topics that come to TT vary but there's always one unifying theme: this life thing is not working out like it was promised. Come with TT, being someone who absorbs depressing information so as to not forget them, on her journey of figuring out how to process and still live in spite of it all.


Home Away From Home
2020 Dec 061h 14m 27s
Stand up, Reluctant Riders! Here we go with another music episode! This week, TT highlights songs that sound South African or appeal to South Africans, but are not home-grown tunes. You can listen to the songs featured on this episode plus more, on Apple Music at:
Re-Return to Fanfictionlandia
2020 Nov 221h 17m 26s
Gather around, children - it's story time! On a rainy night, TT reads a couple of fan fictions based on her two teenage crushes: Corbin Bleu and Daniel Radcliffe, reveling in the bad grammar, lack of logic and sometimes surprisingly good storytelling.
Kids Are Born With Bad Vibes & Other Baseless Opinions
2020 Nov 011h 35m 48s
In this week's episode, TT shows her bad side, delivering 45 of her worst opinions - opinions that can be considered unpopular, terrible and sometimes have no basis.
Why The Girls Love Korean TV
2020 Oct 251h 11m 52s
In this week's episode, TT presents a hopefully convincing argument for why Korean TV is giving the rest of the entertainment world a run for its money, and what dramas and variety shows she has been watching through the lockdown.
A Guide To Rediscovering Your Blackness
2020 Oct 181h 36m 21s
Get Me Off This Ride is back again this weekend, with some much needed knowledge for all the coons and coconuts out there! TT presents the guide to rediscovering your blackness (if you are born black but hate the fact) - identifying the tell-tale signs of coonery and the corrective actions to mitigate them.
Lowering The Group Average
2020 Oct 101h 55m 44s
In this episode, TT lists the things that she believes are holding the Republic of South Africa back from being achieving greatness - in other words, "lowering the group average". Is it too much to ask to want to be like New Zealand?
Fine Wine or Rotten Milk: Cartoon Edition
2020 Sep 261h 33m 40s
The 90s and early 2000s were great eras for cartoons and some of use still remember our favourites fondly and vividly. TT talks a stroll down memory lane, discussing the cartoons she used to watch as a kid, what she loved about them, and whether they would hold up today in their original format.
The Real Adulting Curriculum
2020 Aug 301h 19m 12s
Many of us have reached the start line of our adult years without a full understanding of what we need to make it through, and we end up wishing there were things that were taught to us when we were still in school. In this week's episode, TT lists the things and areas of knowledge that children should be taught in school before they're let out on the world, just to help their transition into adulthood a lot less traumatic.
JTST Rewind: Microsoft Office Penthouse Suite
2020 Aug 2222m 52s
A re-broadcast of an old episode from when the podcast was under the name 'Just The Southernmost Tip'. We'll be back next week with new content, take care!
Dance To The Depression (feat. Mum)
2020 Aug 151h 14m 9s
In this week's episode, TT explores songs that, at first listen, are very upbeat but once you really listen to the lyrics, you find that there is sadness and sorrow in the music. But we still vibe!