• Syscadia
3 episodes
A weekly technology podcast from the Pacific Northwest


3: A Long Wyze From Home
2020 Dec 221h 22s
This week we dig into Wyze, how we feel about strong-arms sales tactics, and keeping our smart TVs dumb. It’s Syscadia, we’re talking about random technology like the nerds we are. Grab an eggnog and join us by the fire! Wyze () Wyze Headphones Fast Followers Slack Acquired () The Salesforce Global Unsubscribe list. Form … Continue reading 3: A Long Wyze From Home
2: Catty-corner from Privacy
2020 Dec 1349m 4s
Join Robin and Trevor for their second episode. This one is mostly focused around privacy, but we take some time to complain about Intel and scalpers too! Tracking and Privacy () eCommerce cart abandonment CRM SaaS Opt-Outs () Zoho () Moving Away from GMail () MailStore Home ProtonMail Email Protocols () RCS and SMS () … Continue reading 2: Catty-corner from Privacy
1: An ARM and a Leg
2020 Dec 0746m 57s
The first episode of Syscadia, hosted by Trevor and Robin M1/ARM Stuff () It’s stupid fast Intel should be forced to stand in the center of a circle of people yelling “shame” ARM Windows WebKit and Firefox () The old Mozilla logo The old Mozilla Suite Opera Browser Google basically killed Firefox Firefox is the … Continue reading 1: An ARM and a Leg
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