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Cleaner Sales is a podcast for Inspire sales reps that uncovers what it takes to be successful in the field. Join your host, Lindsey Tod, as she interviews Inspire’s team about passion, purpose, and profit… so that you can help create a better world for all. New episodes weekly.


How to sell Inspire's Clean Energy Subscription
2020 Dec 2110m 51s
Inspire’s subscription product is truly the best choice for Members, sales reps, and best for the earth. In today's episode, Brooke Levy (Inspire’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development) makes the case and teaches us how to sell it.
Advice to first time sales reps
2020 Dec 149m 51s
When it comes to selling Inspire, Justin Walker has been there, done that. On today's episode, Justin tells his story and lays out how newbies can set themselves up for success with a sales career.
What I wish I knew when selling Inspire
2020 Dec 0711m 9s
What is the best way to stay motivated and close sales for Inspire? Ahsika Sanders, a Channel Manager and former Event Sales Specialist, shares the lessons she learned from her time in the field.
How to avoid common errors in the field
2020 Nov 3012m 26s
To make sure your commission is paid, there are a few really important steps that you can't leave out. On today's episode you'll learn the top 3 mistakes that reps make in the field, along with how to avoid them from Katherine Pierce, our Manager of Sales Quality and Member Experience Operations.
Our top sales leader on showing up as your best self
2020 Nov 2313m 15s
What makes a great sales rep? Our top sales leader has seen it all... from selling in cornfields to strategizing from the corner office. This episode reveals how he climbed the ranks, so that you can do it too.
How (and why) Inspire's subscription works
2020 Nov 1612m 13s
How does Inspire's Unlimited Clean Energy Subscription work? Why do we offer it? And what is the best way to sell it? Zach Bogoshian, Inspire's Associate General Manager, joins the show to break it down step-by-step.
3 easy tips for more sales
2020 Nov 099m 43s
To maximize new signups for clean energy, we want to make sure Members understand what they’re signing up for and how they're having a positive impact on the planet. Here are 3 tips from Katrina Brewer, our Sales Training Manager, on how to do this well.
How Inspire is creating a better world for all
2020 Oct 3014m 22s
Inspire is committed to accelerating a net zero carbon future. Hear from Zac Lowder, our SVP of Sales Strategy and Member Experience, to find out exactly how we're doing it... and what that means for you.
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