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Social Etiquette
2017 May 2418m 3s
Do you know the rules of social etiquette as a business owner?
I'll Save You an Hour! Post Social Ep. 11
2017 May 0812m 11s
What would you do with an extra 20 minutes in your day? What about an extra hour?
Sacrifice Post Social Ep. 10
2017 May 0211m 7s
What sacrifices are necessary for parenting AND business ownership?
Post Social Ep. 9, Accounting Tips for Small Business
2017 Apr 2515m 24s
I am happy to welcome my FIRST podcast guest, my husband!
Are You Busy? Post Social Ep. 8
2017 Apr 189m 41s
Are you using "busy" as a crutch?
Find Your Balance, Post Social Ep. 7
2017 Apr 1215m 28s
How do you find balance between work and life?
Scheduling: Post Social Ep. 6
2017 Apr 045m 39s
Today's episode is all about scheduling and tools. I'd be lost without a plan and here's how I tackle the beast!
Work the Room-Networking: Post Social Ep. 4
2017 Mar 2910m 15s
A Re-upload!
It's Just Business: Post Social Ep. 5
2017 Mar 287m 19s
On this episode of Post Social where we discuss business and the emotions that get mixed up. Sometimes we need to remember that it's just business.
All About Your Followers: Post Social Ep. 3.
2017 Mar 1424m 48s
Your followers are part of your tribe.