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A Christian podcast discussing everything from the everyday questions to the hard topics that are just to hot to touch.


Ep. 7 Adventus
2020 Dec 3041m 17s
Yes, we are aware we are a little late. But who doesn't love the Christmas Spirit!? In this episode Drake and Matt discuss the Advent season and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have a Merry Christmas from the Still Relevant Family!Please...
EP. 6 The Mission
2020 Dec 1636m 58s
Drake & Matt discuss a busy week, technology, but most important of all... the mission! Drake and Matt talk about the Great Commission and why it's important for us to spread the truth and the message. Please email all questions to...
Ep. 5 Thanksgiving Special!
2020 Dec 0435m 50s
On this episode, Drake and Matt, talk about Thanksgiving and why Christian values are important. Also, Drake provides information on how one listener can win a free prize! Please send all questions to stillrelevantministries@gmail.com and like us and...
EP. 4 Happy... Late... Reformation Day!
2020 Nov 2436m 26s
It's a little... ok, really late. But Drake and Matt discuss the reformation of the Church and what that means for us! If you have questions please email them at stillrelevantministries@gmail.com.
Ep. 3 Disciples of Jesus
2020 Nov 1133m 10s
Today Drake and Matt discuss the 12 disciples and what not only they meant to Jesus but also what lessons we can learn from them. Please send all questions to stillrelevantministries@gmail.com. Please also like us and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
Ep. 2 A New Hope
2020 Oct 3042m 31s
On this episode Drake and Matt continue with the good news and discuss the hope that Jesus has given us! For on air questions please email stillrelevantministries@gmail.com
Ep. 1 Good News!
2020 Oct 2134m 14s
Drake and Matt discuss their backgrounds and new adventures as podcasters. The guys dive into the Gospels, aka the Good News, and talk about why it is important! Matt also makes a generous offer! Questions for the show can be emailed to...
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