Merry Recollection
  • Abigail Bolich
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Greetings! My name is Abigail Bolich, and I am so grateful to be able to bring to you Merry Recollection. Tune in for my take on current news, Disney, shows, movies, celebrity gossip, music, food, and anything else that may come about! Also, keep a look out for episodes with special guests where I hopefully do not embarrass myself too much! Please give me suggestions on what you would like to hear me talk about and what I could do to improve your listening experience on twitter @abbybolich. Happy listening! Support this podcast:


Conspiracy: Princess Diana
2020 Oct 2736m 32s
My third episode of Merry Recollection includes criticisms and comments on various conspiracy reasons surrounding Princess Diana and the circumstances around the fatal car crash that caused her untimely death. Please remember that as I new at this, my podcast speaking skills are not up to par yet, so please forgive me for the numerous pauses I had to take during the episode. As always, thanks for listening in, and make sure to leave comments and suggestions on my Twitter @abbybolich!
Top Five: Abby's Favorite Walt Disney Movies
2020 Oct 1918m 8s
Tune in as I list my favorite Walt Disney movies of all time! A fun activity to do during this episode is to count how many times I stutter or say the word "classic." *Numerous laughing emojis* Happy listening! :)
Introduction of ME: Abigail Bolich and Merry Recollection
2020 Oct 127m 43s
Listen in on my first episode as I introduce myself and the ideas behind Merry Recollection, my interests, and my intentions and goals for the podcast in the future.
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