• Illumine Church
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A podcast featuring the messages preached at Illumine Church in Rock Hill, SC.


John 1:43-51 | Jesus Answers
2021 Jan 20
Listen in on this wide-ranging conversational study of John 1:43-51 with Pastor Nathan & Pastor Josh.
Want to Know God? John 1:1-42
2021 Jan 13
Why is Jesus called the "Word" of God and the "Lamb" of God? Pastors Josh Schultz of Mountain View in Great Falls, MT, and Nathan Loersch of Illumine in Rock Hill, SC, discuss the beginning of the Gospel of John.
Advent Education Series #3 | Isaiah 11
2020 Dec 16
A roundtable discussion on Isaiah 11, a prophecy all about Jesus. Enjoy listening in!
God Brings Good out of "Bad"
2020 Dec 16
And if God brings good out of "bad"...was it really bad at all? This sermon on Isaiah 11:1-10 was preached December 13th, 2020, at Illumine, Rock Hill
Advent Education Series #2 | Isaiah 40
2020 Dec 10
Today Pastors Nathan, Matt, & Josh dive in to the goodness that is Isaiah 40.
"God, do something!"
2020 Dec 03
Is it okay to cry out, “God, do something!” Is it possible to lament too much? What should we actually lament, and is there anything we shouldn’t lament? Listen in on 3 pastors discussing these questions & more, in the context of Isaiah 64.
Part 2 | The Gospel of Payment
2020 Mar 11
Having a debt is not something anyone wants. Having a debt you can't pay is worse. Being owned by someone else because you can't pay your debt is the worst of all.
Part 1 | The Gospel of Sacrifice
2020 Mar 02
Sacrifice is defined: the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else seen as more important or worthy. The people of Israel, throughout most of the 1st half of the Bible, knew this concept most intimately. Daily they made sacrifices, in order to remedy their sins. Sure, they gave up animals, but it was worth it, to have good standing with God. But, these sacrifices could not ultimately take away sin.
Ash Wednesday | Godly Sorrow
2020 Feb 27
Sorrow can cause despair.
Part 4 | Judgment Fixes
2020 Feb 27
A "Fixer" is someone who makes a situation right. Who takes something bad and makes it good. In our day and age, there's usually a violent, shady, or negative connotation involved with using or being a fixer. And we usually think of judgment with a violent, shady, or negative connotation.