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  • Daniel Day
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This podcast features discussions with leaders from around the Nation to talk about God, Culture, and the Church.


Dr. Linda Seiler, part 2
2021 Jan 1242m 31s
Getting a Spiritual Tune-Up
2021 Jan 1032m 41s
In this message, Pastor Daniel shows how God will keep us in tune with His Spirit.
The Book of James - Part 1
2021 Jan 0725m 21s
In this lesson, learn how to access God's Wisdom and Joy in the midst of trial.
Josh Dominguez Interview
2021 Jan 0648m 47s
In today's interview, I sit down with Josh Dominguez, the Founder and CEO of RefreshLED.com. Two Years ago, Josh discovered that his kidneys were shutting down and his very life was in great danger. In this inspiring story, you'll hear how this husband and father of 5 found the motivation to fight for his life.
We have questions, and God has the answers.
2021 Jan 0435m 54s
In today's message, we discover how to ask the right questions so that we can arrive at the right answers.
The Seven Lessons of 2020
2020 Dec 2931m 25s
In this short talk, Pastor Daniel shares 7 Major Lessons he has learned from 2020 that he plans to take with him into the New Year.
The Great Exchange, Part 2
2020 Dec 2528m 45s
In this message, we discover how the Lord helps us to exchange our sin and shame for God's rightousness and love.
The Great Exchange
2020 Dec 2126m 49s
In this message, we take a look at the names of God outlined in Isaiah 9:6 and how they impact our lives.
When Jesus Comes In
2020 Dec 1623m 31s
In this message, we look at that moment in Scripture when Jesus entered the Temple and cleared it of those who were buying and selling and exploiting the people of God.
Dr. Linda Seiler
2020 Dec 1535m 38s
In this amazing interview, Dr. Linda Seiler shares her personal journey towards her ministry to the LGBT community.