• Casey Pagliarulo and Dani Hickman
8 episodes
How do I stop being insecure? Can I trust my intuition? How do I get over my ex? Why do I hate my body? And the biggest question of them all: can I learn to deeply love myself? Welcome to Trigger Sisters: The Podcast. Where we pull back the curtain to reveal the uncensored answers to all of these burning questions...and more. Best friends and psychotherapists, Dani and Casey, bring you the hilarious, real-life stories about being triggered AF, navigating spiritual awakenings, conscious relationships and healing trauma. Week after week, your new woo woo bffs give you practical tips to come home to your body, experience radical self love, heal your trauma and answer all of the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask. There is tremendous personal expansion found on the other side of our triggers. Hit subscribe to keep up with us and stay triggered. Welcome to the sisterhood.


See Ya Later, Sexual Programming. Nice to Meet You, Pleasure.
2021 Jan 1839m 25s
What is sexual programming?
The Self-Love Saga : Self-Acceptance and Loving Your Body
2021 Jan 1126m 13s
“I hate my body.”
Conscious Marriage Chronicles: Healing Trauma While in Relationship
2021 Jan 0428m 5s
In this episode, hosts Dani and Casey explore what it means to do your deep healing work, have massive personal transformation AND try to maintain your marriage all at the same time.
The Secrets of Embodiment: How to Come Home to Your Body
2020 Dec 2824m 41s
Life can feel like so much sometimes, the overstimulation is enough to make us hit the eject button and live disembodied lives.
Stories from the Single Life: Conscious Dating
2020 Dec 2130m 9s
In this episode, hosts Dani and Casey explore what it means to enter into dating “consciously”.
How to Identify Sneaky Codependency & What to Do About It
2020 Dec 1430m 17s
In this episode, hosts Dani and Casey explore codependency and attachment.
Conversations With Your Yoni: Embodied Periods
2020 Dec 1430m 55s
In this episode, hosts Dani and Casey explore menstruation and tuning into your yoni (Sanskrit word for your lady parts!)
How to Access the Wisdom of Your Emotional Triggers
2020 Dec 1130m 49s
In the first episode of Trigger Sisters: The Podcast, hosts Dani and Casey dive into a conversation all about emotional triggers.
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