Smile Crypto Podcast
  • Benjamin Rameau
2 episodes
Throughout my four years in the blockchain industry and two years at Binance, I have met lots of super smart people. In this podcast I will be inviting the thought leaders of the industry, including the pioneers of NFTs, defi, trading and blockchain development.


Smile Research Podcast Episode 2 - Street Art and NFTs
2020 Nov 1020m 44s
Street artist Szabotage and Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu discuss art and NFTs with Cocoa Zhou
NFTs from the Point of View of Yat Siu - Chairman of Animoca Brands
2020 Sep 3029m 14s
Yat Siu convinced me to spend almost double on a car non-fungible token vs what I spent on my real car. Am I a visionary? No, probably just gullible and naïve. Check out the Genesis Episode of the Smile Crypto Podcast where Yat explains his vision for NFTs and his plans for what may be the coolest blockchain game ever... F1DeltaTime.
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