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What I've learnt about fitness and training people in gyms for over 20 years.


#9 Functional medicine -detox - Prem' Footballers - Gluten W/ David Hompes @highermindedhealth
2021 Jan 131h 5m 24s
In this episode, We go EPIC - an in-depth look at health. This is a long one, Dave @highermindedhealth covers a huge range of topics including detoxes, functional medicine, gluten, digestion, depression and covid to name a few. The case studies are informative and hard-hitting.
#8 Chris Fountain - Mountain biking, lockdown health, to do lists and that time I beat Greg Rusedski at tennis
2021 Jan 0952m 53s
In this episode, Chris talks us through his newfound love of mountain biking. We discuss fitness for the new year and to-do lists. The benefits of meal prep and organisation. We have a good ramble about boxing and Gcse level psychology.
#7 Why I ask about your food straight away
2021 Jan 0311m 5s
In this episode, I discuss why and what questions I ask about food. What patterns I'm trying to find and how it helps you.
#6 - Dan Q JR - Social media moaning
2020 Dec 2323m 22s
In this episode, Dan Q JR and I get into what grinds our gears in the world of fitness social media.
#5 Look back to move forward W/ Javin Gordon1
2020 Dec 2315m 12s
In this episode, Online coach Javin discusses the benefits of looking back to go forward and how tracking your progress can provide extra motivation going forwards. Also, we discuss the Benefits of our own coaches
#4 - It's just a fancy Sunday roast .... Christmas plan of attack
2020 Dec 1610m 20s
Guest Jamie T talks us through his approach to Christmas with his clients and how he coaches them through the festive season - Do you agree with this approach?
Why Why Why - Your fitness goals -
2020 Dec 1110m 10s
In this Pod I go over why your fitness goals are important and your reasons behind having them - the reasons are more valuable than the goal - find out why
Ross Forde Radio #2 - Why I wanna know your life goals
2020 Dec 039m 6s
This week's episode is about life goals and why they are important for planning exercise programmes.
Ross Forde Radio #1 Are you ready for PT
2020 Dec 0110m 52s
Do you know what needs to be in place for you to have a successful PT experience? No, then listen in here - Hows your partners support for example? Listen now to find out more.
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