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Middle aged, opinionated at times humbled by life and crazy, Leo talks ish with his best friends on all things life.


Leo Lakeworth and the Gangsta Garage Door
2020 Aug 311h 33m 32s
Leo talks with his best friend CDell about:
Leo Lakeworth talk's about 1st World Problem's, Crazy Horse, Trump, Biden and Educated Voters
2020 Jul 181h 11m 13s
In this episode, Leo talk's with his best friend CDell recapping a convo they had earlier that day about life, crazy horse and politics!  Enjoy the banter. If you're trying to be an Iron Chef, you need tools and excellent customer service!  Check this company out - SonderLA
Introduction Episode - Welcome To Leo Lakeworth
2020 Jul 055m 20s
This is my introduction episode, who I am, what am I about etc etc
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