• Bailey Cornell
5 episodes
Gather & Glean is a podcast where we get to meet with older, wiser women to hear the lessons God has taught them. Grab your favorite coffee shop drink and join us as we Gather & Glean. Check out my website: baileycornell.com


Episode 05 | Marcie On Motherhood
2019 May 1146m 41s
Happy Mother's Day, friends! I have a very special guest in today's episode of Gather & Glean. Marcie is a pastor's wife and mother of 4. Her words were very encouraging for me coming into this new season of motherhood. Whether you are a mom, a soon to be mom, or even a spiritual mother to the younger generation, this will be a great listen for you.
Episode 04 | Hannah on Waiting
2019 Apr 2230m 51s
We've been talking about relationships and waiting lately, so I decided to sneak in one more. Today we're going to spend some time in the Bible (1 Samuel 1-2) looking at Hannah and the beautiful example she gives us on waiting.
Episode 03 | Jacob on Waiting
2019 Mar 2529m 20s
In today's episode, I'm changing things up a bit by interviewing my husband, Jacob, on the topic of waiting. Sometimes us girls just need to hear a man's perspective. Join us in our fun conversation, as we ask Jacob for advice, and look back on how the Lord worked in our own relationship.
Episode 02 | Deena on Waiting
2019 Feb 1332m 42s
Join Bailey and her friend Deena as they have a real and raw conversation on the topic of waiting.
Episode 01 | Cody Austin
2019 Jan 101h 5m 30s
Join Bailey and her friend Cody Austin in the very first episode of Gather & Glean! In today's episode they're talking about a range of things; from marriage and family, to even relationships within the church.
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