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This Podcast channel is gonna be talking about games and my viewpoints of them and gonna have a few guests to join me on podcasts. Gonna be making a new podcast episode every week :)


Me and Double Drop Podcast talking about Star wars Battlefront 1&2
2020 Nov 2051m 48s
Chris ( Double Drop Podcast ) and I discussing star wars battlefront 1&2 and the game modes, and what we would do different for future Star wars Battlefront games.
Podcast #2 Talking About Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War !
2020 Nov 1549m 46s
Giving my personal opinion about the game and HOW MUCH I LOVE WHAT THEY DID WITH ZOMBIE MODE !!!
Battle Royal Games and my ratings for them and My personal Opinion on them
2020 Oct 281h 28s
This is my first time doing podcasting and so I was a little nervous with doing it but to be honest I enjoyed talking about Battle Royal Games and how they changed and the Pros and Cons of them ( In my own Opinion)
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