Save It For Air
11 episodes
Recording some of the biggest names in podcasting has taken its toll on Katie Levine (Nerdist Podcast Network) and Logan Moy (Ten Minute Podcast, The Film Vault). Listen along as they take their seats on the other side of the microphone to discuss topics ranging from pop culture to the current state of our society.


SIFA: CES 2015, NFL Coach Firings, AOL vs Facebook (guest: Jeff Fox)
2015 Jan 121h 14m 14s
Podcast producer, and former co-worker of Katie and Logan, Jeff Fox stops by to discuss the gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show, the recent NFL coach firings, and the whether or not Facebook is the new AOL.
Year End Playlist
2014 Dec 1343m 18s
After shedding some light on the future of Save It For Air, Katie and Logan take turns sharing selections from the music they're currently into.
Halloween Stories (guest: Chris Laxamana)
2014 Nov 0145m 14s
Sneaking out of Carolla Digital for a moment to share his Halloween stories, Chris Laxamana joins Katie and Logan for a discussion of scares, pranks, and candy.
Technology Gone/Going Wrong (guest: Ashley Esqueda)
2014 Oct 1652m 18s
Host of Tomorrow Daily on, and passionate tech enthusiast, Ashley Esqueda, joins us for an in-depth discussion on the negative consequences of technology, and what we're scared of it becoming.
Family Histories (guest: Clayton Snyder)
2014 Oct 0151m 37s
For his third visit to the podcast, Clayton Snyder joins us to tell his grandfather's heroic story.
2014 NFL Season (guest: Tyler Kahl)
2014 Sep 1555m 41s
Joined by the walking sports encyclopedia, Tyler Kahl, Katie and Logan talk about the 2014 NFL season accompanied by lots of fantasy football advice to go with it.
The Universe (guest: Gil from The Mutant Season)
2014 Sep 021h 3m 49s
12 year-old host of The Mutant Season podcast sits down with Katie and Logan to explore the curiosities of the universe.
Music Virgins (guest: Matt Baldwin)
2014 Aug 1548m 41s
Making some embarassing admissions, Katie and Logan, along with Matt Baldwin, discuss the musicians that defined their tastes early on.
The Internet (guest: Marc Chambers)
2014 Aug 011h 14m 44s
After catching up on the last year, Katie and Logan are joined by Marc Chambers to reminisce about their early experiences with the Internet.
SIFA: The Toilets In China
2013 Jun 1029m 50s
A Chinese baby develops abandonment issues, science can turn you invisible, the Burger King Bandits’ escape is foiled, and a teacher has an extreme case of the Mondays.