Dudes Who Lift
  • Jesse Humble
18 episodes
If you're a dude. And you like to lift weights. This is for you!


18. Are Your Testosterone Levels Optimal?
2021 Jan 1314m 10s
Effects of tesosterone.What inhibits Testosterone production?How can we increase it?
17. Prevent Holiday/Vacation Weight Gain By Doing This…⁣
2020 Dec 2316m 35s
📉 How our eating behaviours affect our metabolism.⁣⁣
16. 3 MORE Tricks For Bigger Arms
2020 Dec 1617m 29s
⁣⁣💪 How much the positioning in your movements matter.⁣
15. How Fast Can You Lose Body Fat?
2020 Dec 0914m 10s
I get this question often. I get it. People want to know how long a transformation journey will take.⁣
14. 3 Tricks For Bigger Arms (and I won’t be talking about biceps curls)
2020 Dec 0214m 26s
Any dude that steps into the gym has thought about building bigger arms.⁣
13. My 1 Secret To Make Consistent Exercise, Easier
2020 Nov 2612m 54s
🚧 The challenges that most guys face.⁣
12. Three Things I No Longer Do To Get Lean 🛑 (and wish I knew sooner)
2020 Nov 1816m 19s
One of the biggest challenges to getting lean is really just starting the process. It’s so daunting to think about what you need to give up.⁣
11. How To Leverage Your Hormones To Reduce Stress
2020 Nov 1612m 4s
Today, we’ll get into the hormones that cause problems, but also help us as well. Learn what the stress hormone is and the other hormones we can leverage for our benefit.⁣⁣
10. Should You Eat Clean To Drop Body Fat?
2020 Nov 1614m 11s
Clean eating is seen as the healthy way to live life by the large majority of people. Eating clean to lose weight is preached by most dieting types. Just to name a few groups; keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc.⁣
9. How To Build Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time
2020 Nov 1617m 18s
A well-designed program gets you the results you want. The higher your expectations, the more you'll need to take everyday even more serious. There's no screwin around. You'll need to do the right things at the right times. But is burning fat and building muscle at the same time even possible, let alone optimal?