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What’s good man. Some funny shit.


Pedophile hunting with Porcupine and Mr. Brabs
2020 Aug 172h 7m 16s
Featuring an actual guest for the first time ever. Follow Porcupine on IG @porcupine_politics.cam and @porcupine.p3do.exposing
Compassion and Conspiracies with Raymond
2020 Aug 142h
Learn compassion. Embrace compassion. Teach compassion.
Catching up with Mr. Brabs, Brandon, and Charles
2020 Aug 131h 8m
Learn the history of the 30 xan story and more in this riveting podcast.
Midnights with Raymond, Francisco, and Danny
2020 Aug 101h 19m 53s
Discussions of Moon Cults Classic are made
Elapsing with Raymond, Francisco, David, and Danny
2020 Aug 101h 45m 41s
Listen to david on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/david-figueroa-700247087
Late nights with Raymond and Francisco
2020 Aug 092h 5s
Late night air pulsating through the conversation
Conversations with Raymond and SubSilla
2020 Aug 092h
Featuring special guest, da homie, SubSilla. Check him out on twitch right here http://Twitch.tv/subsilla .
testing out stuff
2020 Aug 083s
don’t listen to this bro
Stories with Raymond
2020 Aug 051h 26m 51s
Mainly stories. Probably funny.
2020 Aug 0321s
Just a throw away bro it’s trash